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A Car Salesman’s Pitch To a Motorcycle Addict

I am sitting in a Volkswagen dealer while I wait for service to be completed on my girlfriend’s car. A bored salesman chats with me sporadically, and I make the mistake of saying, “I don’t own a car”. His eyes … Continue reading

A Fallen Rider

The following post was written about two years ago. I found it in my blog’s drafts and decided to share it after all this time. A coworker of mine died last Saturday in a motorcycle accident. The rider was traveling … Continue reading

I’m Turning Into a Motorcycle Snob

At a party last week an interesting discussion formed about motorcycles. Actually I take that back, it was more like a lecture on motorcycles. A young gentleman saw my motorcycle gear and asked, “What do you ride?” I answered and … Continue reading

I Dropped My Bike…Twice!

Yesterday I felt like a god on two wheels. This evening I felt like an amateur. I left work and was running a few errands. I passed through the center of ASU campus through a sea a gridlocked cars. I … Continue reading

The Smug Motorcyclist

I was sitting in a meeting at work the other day. The price of gas exceeded $4 and co-workers were competing for sympathy over how much they pay to fill up at the pump. “I paid $50 bucks!” “Oh yea? … Continue reading