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Utah Video Series

I take a trip up to Utah. I ride through Monument Valley, Gooseneck State Park, Valley of the Gods, Moki Dug Way, Muley Point, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Glen Canyon National Recreation area. Some cool videos coming up in … Continue reading

Utah Trip Photos

Trips pics are up! I talked about where I was going before and gave you some photos I found online to give you an idea where I was heading. Here are the actual photos from the trip. We went through … Continue reading

Back from Utah!

Had a great time this weekend exploring southern Utah. Lots of pics to post, but unfortunately not many videos Many of the photos and videos you see are possible because I take them while I am riding. I hate having … Continue reading

Upcoming Trip to Utah

View Larger Map Thanksgiving is coming up next week. So that means I get a long weekend to take another trip somewhere. Around this time last year you saw me travel through LA, the Pacific Coastal Highway, Google, San Francisco, … Continue reading