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Wearing Down Jenny’s Parts

Some geographic and time context: This story is from my trip to Argentina. It starts in Denver, CO, USA and ends in St. Louis, MO, USA. This took place in August of 2010. You can read more about my trip … Continue reading

“It’s fair to say that I can’t exit Mexico without entering it, right?”

I have mixed feelings about visiting Belize. I don’t know where to go, it adds 200 miles onto my 600 mile detour to Tikal, and it is an English speaking nation which may threaten the progress I made in my … Continue reading

Video Trio: Honduras Traffic, Mayan Temple Climbing, & Nalgene Hack

This entry is part 34 of 34 in the series Latin America Series

This entry is part 34 of 34 in the series Latin America Series Crazy Honduras Traffic! [Day 100] An average day of traffic in Honduras. Climbing up Restricted Mayan Temple! [Day 92] I explore the upper resoration area of … Continue reading

Book Announcement: Ushuaia

Like a smoker who wants to quit, they announce this goal to their family and friends. The idea of failure on their goal invokes more shame if it is in the light of your friends. I went to Catholic grammar … Continue reading

No Shoulder to Cry, on Interstate 81

“SHOULDER CLOSED NEXT 3 MILES” the sign read on Virginia Interstate 81. The bike lost acceleration and a clattering noise from the rear barely pierced through my headphones and music. I pulled in the clutch and came to a stop … Continue reading