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Atlas Shrugged and the Copper Canyon

An old video from my Mexico series. Talking about Francisco d’ Anconia, a character from Atlas Shrugged. Riding through the area around the Copper Canyon near Creel, Mexico and blow away by the sights.

Why I Record My Rides

One video of many while traveling through Mexico in May of 2008. Talking about a book I’m reading by Ted Simon called Jupiter’s Travels. He describes certain experiences that I have had as well. Why do I make these videos? … Continue reading

Building Your Mileage For Motorcycle Touring

This is a continuation of videos shot while I was in Mexico in June. Talking about all my previous trips in summary and how I built up my mileage over time.

End of My First Day in Mexico

Wrapping up my first day of riding in Mexico and I am getting close to Creel. I find out how little Spanish I know and regret not studying more. This video is a part of a series of videos taken … Continue reading

First Military Checkpoint

About 50 miles into Mexico and starting to get into the rhythm of riding. I was very nervous before I was heading into the border, but my paranoia slowly drifted away and I began enjoying the ride. I’m on my … Continue reading