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AtlasRider Gets a Face Lift and Settling Down

That’s right, has a pretty new face. New logo, shifted things around a little and some random photos of my latest adventures. The new logo was designed courtesy of Retroscope. More about them later. Here’s an update on how … Continue reading

Still Alive and Too Busy to Blog

Hey everyone, I just wanted to write and let everyone know I am still out there rolling. I am in South America now. The Andes are amazing. I will be back in the states March 31st, that much I know. … Continue reading

“You Will Soon Find New Adventure In Life”

This happened about a month ago, before I sprang the news about my trip to my colleges at work. We were out at lunch and spent the the one hour of our day away from the computer…talking about computers. We … Continue reading

Don’t Call Me A Biker!

I really hate the term “biker”. It evokes so many negative connotations in my mind that I cringe whenever someone calls me one. Perhaps it is trivial and petty, but I feel like elaborating. First let me tell you the … Continue reading

Travel Log Update and Future Aspiration

I updated my Travel Log on my Maps page. The new addition contains the stretch that starts in Phoenix, goes to Dallas and then dips down into Mexico. The web is growing, but I’m still not satisfied with it. I’m … Continue reading