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The Overland Expo: A Place Where You’re Not Weird

“We’re not weird here,” says Sandy Borden of the the Adventure Trio at the Overland Expo. The expo is four years old now and it’s my home away from the road. The event embraces the wanderlust weirdos full of curiosity, … Continue reading

How Messed Up Are We?

How messed up is the world? Are people growing colder to forgein travelers? Here are some observations from, Ted Simon, a seasoned traveler. Continue reading

Video Blogging Presentation at Overland Expo

I am going to be giving a talk at the Overland Expo this year about video blogging. It will be similar to a talk I gave at the PodcampAZ Conference on “Motorcycle Vlogging” (see videos here if you are curious). … Continue reading

Riding Through Africa – Lois Pryce

Lois Pryce spoke at the Overland Expo in Prescott, Arizona. In this talk she discusses her solo journey through Africa. She’s my favorite travel writer and it was a thrill to meet her. You might remember the book review I … Continue reading

First Trail Ride on a Dirt Bike

I take a minor spill towards the end. Not bad for my first spin on a dirt bike. You can tell I’m not used to it since I am looking so closely in front of me. I look forward to … Continue reading