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Selling Your Car and Living On Two Wheels

I finally did it. After about a year of saying, “Yea I’ll sell it eventually” I’ve gone and actually done it. I sold off my car, and all that’s left is my motorcycle. No more car payments for a car … Continue reading

Don’t Call Me A Biker!

I really hate the term “biker”. It evokes so many negative connotations in my mind that I cringe whenever someone calls me one. Perhaps it is trivial and petty, but I feel like elaborating. First let me tell you the … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Motorcycle Maintenance Log

Ever since I got my Ninja I’ve taken good care of it. I always keep up with routine maintenance which I find enjoyable even after two years. As a result the lil Ninja has taken good care of me. Along … Continue reading