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How to Disappear on Your Motorcycle

Last week I was featured in a segment of Motorcycle News called, “The Rules.” I had a nice chat over the phone with Steve Farrell about my journey through Latin America. After I hung up, I realized I had been yammering on … Continue reading

Book Release Coming Soon

I have been hard at work on my first book about my adventures throughout Central and South America by motorcycle. There is no hard deadline, but I’m shooting for the end of the year. There will be print and electronic … Continue reading

How Messed Up Are We?

How messed up is the world? Are people growing colder to forgein travelers? Here are some observations from, Ted Simon, a seasoned traveler. Continue reading

Fear of Failure: Welcome to the Club

Failure is a fear for many of us, including Eric Norlander who is rebuilding a motorcycle in memory of his father who recently passed away. Continue reading

Extraordinary Trips by Ordinary People – Overland Journal Article

The 2011 Spring issue of Overland Journal has an article titled “Extraordinary trips by ordinary people” by executive editor Johnathan Hanson. A couple traveling by a Sprinter van around the world, another couple in Latin America by an FJ60 Land … Continue reading