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Book Announcement: Ushuaia

Like a smoker who wants to quit, they announce this goal to their family and friends. The idea of failure on their goal invokes more shame if it is in the light of your friends. I went to Catholic grammar … Continue reading

Trip Is Over and I am Heading Home

Two days ago at 10:30pm on Ruta 40 I was riding south towards Ushuaia, that elusive place that almost seems imaginary after making a course for it six months ago. The road was rough to say the least. Dirt and … Continue reading

Two Year Blogoversary

Thanks for reading, watching and following!

I Bought a KLR!

After months of sifting through used ads I finally found a KLR that I decided to pony up the money for. It’s a 2001 and has 15,000 miles. Numerous aftermarket mods that I was planning on doing myself already. Ironically, … Continue reading

New Banner Images

I like picking out banner images that try and capture the essence of what this site is about, but I’m often torn between one image and another. Why choose? So I cycle through them randomly. I got the idea from … Continue reading