Bug Zapper Skills

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10-09-2010 – Mexico City, Mexico

I’m sitting in a corner taco shop in Mexico City. A bug zapper is crackling loud with the sound of a fresh and large kill. It fails to drop into the tray beneath it, so it sit there between the eletrified wires. The bug equivalent of an inordinately long eletric chair execution. Like when whats-his-name in The Green Mile (wiki) didn’t wet the sponge. A waiter notices and dislodges the bug from the now fiery red wires with a metal fork… He had skills, this probably wasn’t his first.

I went over the standard 10% tip for this guy.

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  • http://chessiestales.blogspot.com/ Chessie

    HA! What an interesting entry for today! (I’m serious!) It’s never a dull time to come here and read your thoughts. You gave me smile. Thanks again

  • tv show reviews

    Taco shop, how typical :)

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