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Like a smoker who wants to quit, they announce this goal to their family and friends. The idea of failure on their goal invokes more shame if it is in the light of your friends. I went to Catholic grammar schools and high school, and therefore shame and guilt is no stranger to me.

In the same way I am announcing a new project of mine to write a book on my travels throughout Latin America. I want to supplement the narrative with maps, videos and photos. Here is my proof of concept:

(YouTube Video Link)

Thanks for all the support I’ve received during the trip. This is my full time job at the moment–thanks to AtlasGirl–and so if you would like to support the project you can do so here:

Chip In For the Ride Write

I would love to use this as a sounding-board for ideas. Any feedback you have is encouraged.

Thanks and wish me luck!

  • Ben

    Awesome. Make it happen, Bill! The ride was the easy part, now comes the tough work! I love the interactive media. Looking forward to it.

  • jjmartin

    Does the kindle have enough resolution to put the QR codes in?

  • Tim

    This is absolutely wonderful to hear. As I followed your journey I was thinking you should do a book on the travels. I look forward to reading it.

  • Atlas

    Yes jjmartin QR codes are Kindle compatible. More than enough resolution for them.

  • Ushuaia-Info

    Hi AtlasRider.
    Ushuaia will be the title of your book?

  • AtlasRider

    Ushuaia is a working title.

  • Box

    Is it going to be a hard copy or just on Kindle…?

  • AtlasRider

    We’ll see, not sure yet.

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