Blood Views

Last week I shared a film I participated in (post) titled “Blood”. This was an entry in the 48 Hour Guerilla Film contest and the entry with the most views gets a cash prize.

Why does this non-motorcycle related film matter? Because it enables me to delay crawling back into the cube so I can write. I’ve been working on three stories for the past week. One includes a high functioning coke snorting alcoholic that I stayed with in San Jose, El Salvador for four days. The seconds revolves around Christmas Eve with AtlasGirl on a beach where a machete wielding Panamanian woke us up in the middle of the night. The third involves my escapades throughout Peru, being stranded at 15,000ft and how I weathered climate and mechanical problems.

I’m not normally a ask first and deliver later kind of guy. I like to deliver when I can, but this is a time sensitive contest. Check out this short conspiracy thriller if it sounds interesting and feel free to post this on Twitter, Facebook or your blog. Thanks!

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