Bleeding for 48 Hours

Ok so no one was actually bleeding for 48 hours, but I participated in a film titled “Blood” that had to be written, shot and edited in 48 hours. Filmmakers Matt Johnston and Sam Hall entered the 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition and kindly asked me to participate.

Matt has a great story about his experience with the whole process. Check out his blog post: “48 hours” and scroll to the bottom to watch the 5 minute film. Matt and Sam did an amazing job!

I have a lot I can learn from them for my own videos. Here is a shot of my getting nabbed with some chloroform.

  • Ben

    That was awesome, Bill! Thanks for sharing.

  • Bob

    I can easily say that you’re the best actor in that film. By far.

  • Stoo

    Brilliant! couldn’t help but notice that your head sounds rather hollow when you get hit… 😉 Great to see the site develpoing after your epic trip and thanks for making me grin

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