Back to the “Real World”

I’m working again and it feels better than I anticipated. Just a couple weeks ago marked a year since I left for Latin America. It doesn’t feel like yesterday, or anything else really. I recognize a year has passed, and now I’m wondering what the next one will bring.

I’ve settled back into geekdom quicker than I imagined. Coding comes naturally. I was looking at my Google Web History the other day. While I was on the road my search queries were filled with names of cities. Monterrey, San Jose, Panama City, Cartagena, Cusco, Puno, La Paz, Santiago and of course, Ushuaia. I imagine a year from now when I look back it will be filled with queries about CSS, SQL and the syntax of a switch statement (I always forget).

I work part time, by choice: three days a week. The other two days I spend writing. I am in Panama right now. Figuratively speaking. I’m not on chapter 3 or 4. I’ve stopped grouping my writing into chapters. It feels too artificial. It’s a first draft. I am “clearing my throat” and writing about anything I can remember. I’ll figure out the mess later on. I fear I will forget too much as time passes. There’s evidence of it already. It’s a good thing I kept a lot of notes and shot a lot of video.

I put quotes around “real world” in the title of this post, and they carry a heavier significance for me now. I would air quote, “real world” when speaking because it represented a new era or lifestyle. For instance, “After college I’ll be in the ‘real world’ and get a job.”

There is a new era, a new lifestyle that I experienced ont he road, and that is what I am trying to write about, remember and prevent slip away from me. I’m living through the past on the road, and enjoying writing about it.

I don’t have a publisher. I don’t know if I want one. I may self-publish. I don’t know. These questions aren’t so important to me at the moment. It distracts from the task of writing.

Here is a taste from the past of the “real world”

  • jbunceiii

    I feel the same way after my trip, albet a shorter one. Its always tough to come back to the real world and see what crap it can be. A part time gig is nice, hopefully you can get to writing and come up with a great story.

  • Torch

    Welcome back!

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