Back from Utah!

Had a great time this weekend exploring southern Utah. Lots of pics to post, but unfortunately not many videos :(

Many of the photos and videos you see are possible because I take them while I am riding. I hate having to stop. I fidget around and manage to snap shots while in motion. After two years of doing this I finally dropped my camera on the road. It was bound to happen some time. A huge crosswind plucked it out of my numb hands. I search for it for almost a half hour but I couldn’t find it. It must have skipped off the road at 60MPH or just exploded. Anyways, I do have a couple videos I’ll be posting and a bunch of photos from my other camera.

In the mean time, can anyone identify the following location?

  • Meagan

    My guess is cataract canyon…

  • AtlasRider


    Nope, but I’ll give a hint. It is in southern Utah.

  • Richard

    I could Answer that question.. But, I cheated Mark posted a picture of it and named it 😉 Sounds like you guys had a nice trip through Utah.

  • Meagan

    Uhhgg, if I would have read though some previous post I believe I would not have had to guess at this one… geez! haha!

  • Atlas


    Ya know I didn’t even realize that one of my previous posts gave the answer away, heh.

    The answer is Gooseneck State Park

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