AtlasRider Gets a Face Lift and Settling Down

That’s right, has a pretty new face. New logo, shifted things around a little and some random photos of my latest adventures. The new logo was designed courtesy of Retroscope. More about them later. Here’s an update on how things are going lately.

Since I arrived back in the states after ending my Latin America trip (post) I have been running around the country. I moved from Phoenix to Philadelphia. Anxious to see AtlasGirl I rode my Ninja 650r out there, then flew back to Phoenix to get all of my affairs in order. I visited family and now I think I am almost fully healed from my sprained, ankle, knees and broken thumb from Bolivia. I didn’t even know I had broken my thumb until AtlasGirl saw it. Yea…I’m that tough…or stupid, lol.

Now that I am back in the “real” world, I’ve slowly becoming domesticated. I’ve gone from homeless looking to, not so homeless looking.

I have a whole new area of the country I haven’t explored, but now that I will be in one place I am looking forward to writing and publishing videos from the past. It’s good to be back.

A big thanks to Retroscope for designing my new logo. I absolutely love it! Here’s some info about them if you are interested in having your motorcycle digitally designed.

Retroscope is a graphic art company that specializes in the reproduction of vintage posters. They are both classic bike enthusiasts so that explains the strong inclination for motorcycles illustrations, but they don’t limit their production to any specific area. All the illustrations are inspired by period ads or posters, but all graphic elements of the image (figures, logos, fonts) are totally redrawn using various soft wares to maximize color and sharpness in a large format print.

Retroscope also produces custom creations, giving people the possibility to generate a unique “à la carte” poster, providing their own images and concepts. For example, you could commission an illustration of your bike or get a photo montage done of the bikes you’ve owned over the years. Pretty neat!

Here are a couple examples of their work

My favorite is the Kawasaki :)

These guys had my logo done before the end of the day after I asked them what I wanted. Then additional touch ups were delivered hours later. I recommend checking them out if you want to stylishly immortalize your ride on your wall.

  • none

    Welcome to the east coast. Did AtlasGirl go with you? I like the new logo. Planning the next adventure yet?

  • AtlasRider

    @None I went with AtlasGirl, not the other way around :)

    Just going to take local trips around New England.

  • uncle marc12

    I’ve been going through withdrawl…checking here everyday to see what you’ve been up to lately. Anyway I’m in upstate NY let me know when you’re headed this way and we’ll ride and then I’ll ask you countless questions about your amazing adventures until you get sick of me and my incessant interrogations.

    Be well my friend.

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