AtlasRider Featured on the Hak5 Show

I recently sat down with Darren Kitchen from Hak5 to discuss how I merge video and mapping together to create what I call “Atlas Videos”. Hak5 is a weekly video podcast distributed through the Revision3 network. The Hak5 show focuses on technology. It’s very geeky, very detailed, and covers a wide array of topics.

Check out my interview with Darren in this week’s episode. You can catch Hak5 every Wednesday at noon (EST) at

If you would like to see a couple of my Atlas Videos from the past, you can check them out here:

The rest of my Atlas Videos are located here.

For those of you who are interested in making videos that sync up with Google Maps on your own website, leave a comment and say so. If there is enough interest I will create something that others can plug into their website easily.

  • cybersleeper

    Great job with the interview on HAK5, I’m looking forward to the info on how to merge the video’s with Google Maps. I just purchased a Sony T900 and it fits perfect in my Scorpion EXO-400 helmet, can’t wait to start capturing videos on my Ninja ZX14.

  • Muneio

    Very cool! I’m definitely interested in the google map and video mash-up.

  • Tom

    I would be interested as well. The videos are fantastic! Keep up the good work.

  • Brian Donofrio

    I’m intersted in your program. Saw Hak5 looks really cool.

  • Chuck Reynolds

    Grats on being on Hak5 – I know Matt from a long way back.

    Also I was wondering if you were going to attend PodCampAz on Nov 14-15th? UAT on baseline and I-10… about 700 podcasters, vloggers, etc etc will be there and I figure you’d be a good fit to at least show up (free) or speak on moto-vlogging – good exposure if anything. to check it out – lmk if you’re going!


  • DanielS

    Great interview and I too would love to see a script that I too could use to mashup video and gps!

    Nice work!

  • Sherwood411

    Just saw you on Hak5 – would luv to see mashup script also

  • kipsteele

    Very very cool stuff. I’m really interested in your script. I think this is something that you could make into a small product and when you do make it public to add some way to get a couple bucks for your work and R&D efforts.

  • icogill

    Good interview, yup I’d be interested in a plugin for synching everything up as well.

  • Salvia

    Great idea! I guess it would help not only to bikers but to car drivers.

  • Langleyo

    Nice interview and website, would really like to know how you did this… I do cycle riding and would be nice to have a similar mashup for off road stuff.



  • Ridingeeky

    Now this is cool. Add me to the cadre of code envy.

  • Fact & Fun

    Great interview would luv to see mashup script also

  • treblanoj

    I am deff would love if you could post your map mashup code, i drewl ova it much thanks

  • Bost


    Nice video/gps sync. I ride bicycle and would like to test it. Is it possible to get script?

    Thank you,

  • Snikrep Nitram

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