What readers are saying about Anxiety Across the Americas

Anxiety Across the Americas

What a story!

Funny, insightful and engaging. Bill takes you along for a great adventure.

I could not put it down

In this thought-provoking and well-written account, Bill takes the reader on a life-affirming journey through one of the world’s most vivid and exotic continents. Many dream about it, few make it happen. Luckily for us, Bill is one of those few.

Lois Pryce, author of Lois on the Loose
and Red Tape White Knuckles

The book takes you on a fast paced trip, like you are riding along with Bill, from the chaotic traffic of Mexico City to the solitude of the high altitude roads that snake through the Andes mountains.

So many adventure-travel books are either endless tales of derring-do, or equally endless chronicles of disaster. Bill Dwyer’s book neatly balances the daring and disaster, the highs and lows he encountered on his journey, and because of that it strikes home as an honest and deeply personal account of an everyman’s adventure. It’s the kind of book that will leave you staring at the ceiling and thinking, I could do that. And that is the very best kind of adventure-travel book.

Jonathan Hanson,
founder and director of the Overland Expo

The best part about the book is that everything feels real.

This isn’t a motorcycle adventure book written for riders. This is an adventure book for adventurers at heart that just happens to take place via the confines of a motorcycle.

The author is very honest and detailed about his journey, which makes it all the more compelling.

Thank you for “Anxiety across the Americas”, just, thank you.

I loved it. Highly recommended you check it out.

Great book, love the down to earth, real writing.

Inspiring story of pushing beyond one’s fear and paranoia, and seeing the world for the beautiful and loving place that it can be.

The raw realism and total honesty really blew me away.


I just finished your book…wow man, awesome! Count me in among those hopeful to make the same journey. See you on the road.

Your story left me longing for much, much more. I can’t begin to express how much I loved reading your book. Please know that you have my emotional support if you ever decide to take another trip and write another book.

To anyone debating – buy it.

Jim M.

After an all day marathon reading session finished reading your book and I find myself feeling very inspired.