New Book Release: Anxiety Across the Americas

Anxiety Across the Americas

Anxiety Across the Americas is now available!

Growing weary of his corporate cubicle in the American Southwest, Bill Dwyer chucks it all and rides his motorcycle towards Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. In his 20,000 mile solo journey he encounters corruption in Mexico, finds himself stranded in the highlands of Bolivia and gets arrested in Nicaragua. The road presents Bill with fears to face, immense kindness of strangers, and huge challenges to overcome, all while he copes with his anxiety disorder. Join Bill as he shares a candid account of his experiences bumbling across the Americas.

Intl. UK, France, Germany
Intl. UK, France, Germany

In this thought-provoking and well-written account, Bill takes the reader on a life-affirming journey through one of the world’s most vivid and exotic continents. Many dream about it, few make it happen. Luckily for us, Bill is one of those few.

Lois Pryce, author of Lois on the Loose and Red Tape and White Knuckles

So many adventure-travel books are either endless tales of derring-do, or equally endless chronicles of disaster. Bill’s book neatly balances the daring and disaster, the highs and lows he encountered on his journey, and because of that it strikes home as an honest and deeply personal account of an everyman’s adventure. It’s the kind of book that will leave you staring at the ceiling and thinking, I could do that. And that is the very best kind of adventure-travel book.

Jonathan Hanson, founder and director of the Overland Expo

See what other readers are saying…

I’m incredibly happy to complete this project, it gives me closure on a chapter of my life lasting five years. I spent two years preparing for my Latin American adventure, about a year traveling (and recovering), and then two years writing this book about it. I look forward to exploring the Pacific Northwest during this spring and summer.

Thanks for all the kind words from readers following my adventures. I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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  • John Snelson

    Ordered. Looking forward to it.

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks! =)

  • Bud Miller

    Excellent. Best of luck with it Bill.

  • Cynthia Price

    If you own a Kindle and you’re an Amazon Prime member, it’s available for free via the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. However, you should be a nice person and pay for it. :)

  • Mannamead

    I’m thrilled to read this, followed your journey on YouTube and honestly never felt more at home than with your experiences.

    Will pick it up as SOON as possible.

  • Rex Covington

    Just order it! Will read and give a review!

  • AtlasRider

    Yes! You are right Cynthia! I forgot to mention that

  • Jorge Quiroz

    I just bought your book, I am about to read it and post you a review of it…

  • Jorge Quiroz

    I just bought your book, I am about to read it and post you a review of it…

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks Jorge!

  • AtlasRider

    I appreciate it Rex!

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks! I have noticed your comments and remember you following for a long time!

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks Bud!

  • David Drouin

    Amazing! Can’t wait to order this and read your book. You should be proud.

  • Jim Martin

    Got the Sample – really liked it- bought the book. Just started but I like the way you wrote. To anyone debating – buy it.

  • Nathan

    Bill, I just finished your book. I really appreciated your honest and open story telling. I’ve watched you videos on youtube for years, followed the Americas trip with particular interest, and looked forward to this book since you announced the project. Like you, I enjoy reading about adventurous travel, but for the most part I have only been able to enjoy it vicariously. I wish you the best of luck with this book and your future endeavors. -Nathan

  • dwayne

    Just bought the book, cant wait to read it. Congrats on the new book Bill! Sincerely, Dwayne

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks Dwayne! I hope you are doing well. Are you still touring around ont hat GSXR1000?

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks Nathan for your kind words and following my adventures for such a long time!

  • dwayne

    I am getting ready so sell the Suzuki and the KLR for a V-Strom, then next year I would like to get the KTM 1190 Adenture – for some high speed touring :)

  • Motorcycle Projects

    Bill, your story left me longing for much, much more. I have watched your adventures on YouTube for years now and I have been a long time supporter. I watched with anticipation everyday hoping for updates on YouTube and eventually you returned and I counted the days until you would have your book published. That day finally came and I can’t begin to express how much I loved reading your book. Please know that you have my emotional support if you ever decide to take another trip (perhaps TAT? Canada? Alaska? Africa?) and write another book.

  • dwayne

    Great job on the adventure and the book Bill!!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book in many more ways than I can describe.
    The raw realism and total honesty really blew me away; I got to know the real Bill Dwyer even though we have ridden thousands of miles together. You drew a picture of the good times and bad, and I enjoyed the stories of places you visited and people you met. I would not consider this book just a traveler’s story; I was able to glean out some
    important travel tips. Like: jet the bike for elevation, travel light; carry
    multiple licenses and plenty cash, etc., etc…. I also learned that a lone wolf
    tends to travel best alone and at whatever pace fits the situation. Most of us
    have just dreamed of a trip to South America, it is the true “.001%ers“that
    actually have the balls to get out there and do it.

    Best regards and safe riding

  • Martin Toomey

    I just finished your book…wow man, awesome! Count me in among those hopeful to make the same journey. See you on the road.

  • Bruce Douglas


    Are you going to be making it to the Expo next week? I hope to have my copy soon and would love for you to sign it. I’ll never forget seeing your camp at the first Expo in Prescott: a Ninja 650 parked next a small 1-person tent–it was obvious you had what it took.

  • AtlasRider

    Yes! I will be at the Expo. You can find me in the writers tent and I would be happy to sign your copy :) I remember that first expo, here’s a pic of that setup

  • AtlasRider

    Glad you liked it Dwayne! I hope you are doing well

  • AtlasRider

    Thanks for the review! I appreciate it, and so glad you enjoy the book.

  • Lee Potter

    Hey Bill! Would it be possible to buy an autographed copy?

  • ocived
  • Peek-a-Boo

    Amazon UK needs to get this in stock!

  • AtlasRider
  • Flooded Basement Maine

    good review. is this book available on kindle?

  • Danish Smith

    Congratulation you did very nice work.. and i m getting good review also…!!

  • alaska99801

    Hello Bill. The first time I arrived in Alaska, back then in 1974, getting there via the Dominican Republic (my place of birth), Puerto Rico, Miami, New York City to Juneau, the capital, I was a young, wide eyed illegal immigrant.
    I came upon an old magazine with the tales of a man from Canada riding his motorcycle from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.
    I fell in love with the story back then and it has followed me throughout my life, where today at the age of 62, I think am ready and with the time, finally to start one of my earthly dreams.

    I am buying your book on paperback so I can keep it with me and be my silent partner in my journey.

    Thank you for putting into words the dream that many of us have had all of our lives. You are our inspiration.

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