AGATT: All Gear All the Time

AGATTToday I got a compliment that I don’t receive very often. I pulled up to the drive through of a fast food place. After wiggling out of my gauntlet gloves to get at my wallet the window attendant gave me kudos for being a sportbike rider who actually wears gear. “Wow, you are a genius compared to the rest of the sportbike riders I see around here who ride only with a t-shirt, shorts and sandles,” he said. As the flowers bloom so do the squids. A rider with full gear is a rare sight.

My favorite squid is the one who rides with their helmet strapped to the back. So, now there is no doubt that they couldn’t afford a helmet, there it is. This proves that they wear a helmet purely for comfort. In the morning it might have been a little cold, but in the afternoon it starts warming up and so the helmet is too hot for them. This is typically combined with fingerless gloves :roll:

My favorite line to use when asked, “Why are you wearing all that?”

“I’d rather sweat than bleed.”

  • Chuck

    I’m almost ashamed to admit that I have scars on head from injuries sustained in a crash when I had my helmet strapped to my seat back in the 80’s. Live and learn … or not.

  • West

    Nice line. So far, the only scars I have are on my leathers. (Knocks on wood).

  • Atlas

    @Chuck, glad to hear you’ve here to learn from it.

    @West, With temps reaching 100+ in summers here I’m at least glad that I have perforated leathers. World of difference.

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