“Against the Odds” – A Week in Bolivia

I keep coming back to Bolivia. It was the most difficult time for me throughout Latin America and one of the most rewarding time because of it. I told a story at a thing here in Philadelphia. Here’s a video of me telling a story, spliced with footage from the actual events that took place. I’m trying something new, hope you like it.

  • http://www.budcad.com/Motorcycling BudCAD Motorcycling

    Good stuff. Sounds like you found what you needed, if not what you sought. That’s usually the way it goes. Nice work on the video.

  • http://ineverfinishanyth.blogspot.com/ Danny Diego

    Nicely done. Subtle descriptions of a massive set-back. $20 and a smile got you back on the road. This is the stuff adventure is made of. I’ve been through this part of Bolivia. Thanks for sharing.

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