A Year in Review: Where Have I Been?

I recently talked about My Goals for Future Worldwide Travel and it coincidentally falls on my one year anniversary of my cross country trip from Chicago to Phoenix that I took back in 2007. Upon realizing this I had a sinking feeling: “It’s already been a year…time is flying.” At first it seemed like I hadn’t ridden to nearly as many places as I wanted to, but then all those places started to come back to me.

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The trip that forever changed me was the cross country trip. Two weeks and countless states and providences. Ok maybe not countless: Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. 13. Two weeks was too little, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless.

I published 52 videos documenting the journey which is the crown jewel of content. If you hadn’t followed my trek across the country you still can at the “My Long Way Round Video Series” page.

You can also see a photographic narrative of the trip here: Cross Country Trip Photos

Then there was the California trip that was decided on a whim two days before it started. Too many miles in too little time. I burned up the California coast with much satisfaction, but wish I could have slowed down a bit. Big Sur was amazing, Google was cool and the Golden Gate was unforgettable. Not many videos produced, but the ones I did shoot were more unique than my previous. I learned a lot about what to do and not do from my cross country trip. You can view the series here: California Video Series.

Then there was Mexico. Plunging into the unknown with paranoia and only a few phrases of Spanish. Great fun at times, and worrisome at others and overall I great experience. Four days in Mexico was my “baby step” in the direction of world wide traveling. I got sense of challenges I would routinely face at borders, learned to cope with the language barrier, but most importantly I expelled the paranoia that makes me think I have a target painted on me and that everyone is out to get me.

There were countless (truly) weekend rides around Arizona which were a lot of fun, but they always feel like something to hold me over before the next big trip. Check out the “Ride Report” page for an index of all my rides.

What’s next on the agenda? Utah and Southern California. I’ve really neglected these areas and want to start exploring them some more. Once this heat lets up I’ll be taking more weekend camping trips. Until then my Aerostich suit hangs on the wall and mocks me.

It’s been a great year of riding! Here’s hoping for an even better one 😀

  • Terry

    You going to make it to Cambodia at some point you think? I’ve just been on a ride with these guys: http://ridecambodia.com Was incredible! Pretty tough off-road in the mountains though and some long days. Did a 2 week trip, awesome stuff!

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