A Christmas Miracle

So after I did the family thing today i decided to go for a ride. It’s around 35 degrees today so I bundled up and went to go warm up the bike. I hit the starter…nothing. I flip on/off switch a couple times. Try again, still nothing. After 10 minutes I roll the bike back a couple feet and try it again. She starts up right away. A Christmas Miracle! Maybe all the corny Christmas movies had something to them. Maybe in your most desperate time of need there’s something out there looking after you. I started to feel my cynical foundations melt away and was filled with the warmth of Christmas. Wow, what an amazing realiza…oh wait the bike wasn’t in neutral when I tried starting it. Never mind, false alarm.

*turns on Tool*
*rides away*

Merry nondenominational holidays folks.

  • Kami


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