A Car Salesman’s Pitch To a Motorcycle Addict

I am sitting in a Volkswagen dealer while I wait for service to be completed on my girlfriend’s car. A bored salesman chats with me sporadically, and I make the mistake of saying, “I don’t own a car”. His eyes light up like I’m fresh meat. For the next ten minutes I try to convince him how much of a motorcycle nut I really am and it goes something like this…

You must miss the AC during the summer months here in Phoenix.

I deal with two months of hell and enjoy the other 10 month of riding. I’m not going to buy a car that I use two months out of the year only.

Pretty dangerous with all these crazy drivers.

I’ve gotten used to them and keep a close eye on other drivers. You just have to maintain your space, be attentive and you’re fine.

You need balance though. Can’t have just a motorcycle.

I find balance in my checking account with the extra cash that isn’t going to a car payment every month.

You only live once though, ya know.

That’s why I bought a second motorcycle 😀

He tried to get me to go on a test drive. He even said he would drive while I continue to play on my laptop, but kept giving him a disinteresting “Nah.” After a while of these games he finally gave up and walked away defeated.

I know he was just doing his job, but I thought it was a funny exchange, and a glimpse into some of the reasons why I prefer motorcycles over cars.

  • emptyM


    thanks for sharing, brought a smile to my face on a lazy Sunday morning.

  • k12

    just shows how conditioned some people are…..or he’s a secret biker working (not very well) in car sales to finance his two wheel passion ?! You never really know !
    Nice story tho’ and I can picture a look of incredulity on his face.

  • cashstore1

    I hate car salesmen. I am glad you blew him off. I had a particularity bad experience at Pinnacle Nissan in Scottsdale this summer. They all need a good “bitch slapping”.

  • http://www.yams.com MarkSpizer

    great post as usual!

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