Archive | March, 2012

Tools to Travel the World

A multi-tool is a must have on the road, but if you aren’t on the road it’s just a hunk of metal on a shelf. What about tools that inspire you to get out onto the road? Maps are powerful … Continue reading

Your Questions, Answered

How can you afford to travel for so long? Can you ride on plugs? What GPS should you use? Are you crazy? These are all things I’ve been asked pretty frequently. Check out my answers below or ask your own … Continue reading

High Speed Chase and Making the Front Page

Subscribe to The Atlascast Welcome to The Atlascast. A story telling podcast about my journeys around the world by motorcycle. This episode is from October 2010 when I traveled solo from America to Argentina for eight months. I encounter corrupt … Continue reading

Very Serious Man Visits Machu Picchu

Serious Philadelphia resident, Bill Dwyer, makes a visit to world wonder Machu Picchu in southern Peru. Sometimes referred to as the “Lost City of the Incas” it stands almost 8,000 feet in the Andes mountain range. His trip was inspired … Continue reading

How Twitter Helped During a Roadside Motorcycle Breakdown

Some scary stuff happened on I-81 last year. I talked about it in my article titled, No Shoulder to Cry, on Interstate 81, in a lot of detail. Here I tell a shorter version that displays the helpful nature of … Continue reading