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What People Think Motorcyclists Do

A friend of mine posted this motorcycle angle on the popular “What People Think I Do” meme. It struck home with me because I imagine myself racing around corners, but a lot of miles I log are in the commuter … Continue reading

The Ecuadorian Police and Me Are Twinsies

Subscribe to The Atlascast here: Welcome to The Atlascast. A story telling podcast about my journies around the world by motorcycle. This episode is from February 2010 when I traveled solo from America to Argentina for eight months. In the … Continue reading


I’ve been choked up all day since I heard the news. There was an ocean between us. I didn’t really know the guy all that well, but I felt my gut wrench when I heard. Sven passed away. His name … Continue reading

“Against the Odds” – A Week in Bolivia

I keep coming back to Bolivia. It was the most difficult time for me throughout Latin America and one of the most rewarding time because of it. I told a story at a thing here in Philadelphia. Here’s a video … Continue reading