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Chrome Boris Backpack Review

I was sent a Boris Backpack by Chrome while I was traveling in Latin America. From the website the bag looked really nice and I was excited to test it out in person. After two months of use here are … Continue reading

Extraordinary Trips by Ordinary People – Overland Journal Article

The 2011 Spring issue of Overland Journal has an article titled “Extraordinary trips by ordinary people” by executive editor Johnathan Hanson. A couple traveling by a Sprinter van around the world, another couple in Latin America by an FJ60 Land … Continue reading

No Shoulder to Cry, on Interstate 81

“SHOULDER CLOSED NEXT 3 MILES” the sign read on Virginia Interstate 81. The bike lost acceleration and a clattering noise from the rear barely pierced through my headphones and music. I pulled in the clutch and came to a stop … Continue reading

Take Your Dream Motorcycle Road Trip without Going Broke – Part II

Here are some insights into the practicalities surrounding food, fuel and motorcycle maintenance. If you are thinking about taking a long term trip, this can help you plan and budget for weeks or months. You can read the first part … Continue reading

Creatures Stirring on Christmas Eve, Playa las Lajas, Panama [Day 125]

This entry is part 33 of 34 in the series Latin America Series

This entry is part 33 of 34 in the series Latin America Series AtlasGirl had flown down to Panama to spend some time together for two weeks. On Christmas Eve we went to Playa las Lajas. It was a random … Continue reading