Archive | January, 2010

The Distracted Driver

The AMA has distributed a video public service announcement to news outlets across the country. Titled “The Distracted Driver,” the 30-second video uses a touch of humor to address the serious issue of inattentive drivers. I’ve never seen this video … Continue reading

Jupiter’s Travels by Ted Simon

In 1973 Ted Simon set out on a four year journey on his 500cc Triumph T100-P that took him around the world. Tales of his travels were incredibly inspirational for me personally. The book is not merely an account of … Continue reading

I’m Turning Into a Motorcycle Snob

At a party last week an interesting discussion formed about motorcycles. Actually I take that back, it was more like a lecture on motorcycles. A young gentleman saw my motorcycle gear and asked, “What do you ride?” I answered and … Continue reading

I Dropped My Bike…Twice!

Yesterday I felt like a god on two wheels. This evening I felt like an amateur. I left work and was running a few errands. I passed through the center of ASU campus through a sea a gridlocked cars. I … Continue reading

Peters Map vs Mercator Projection

I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but I’ve finally gotten around to framing my Peters Map. Placed above where I spend most of my time at home, so I think it will serve as some inspiration for … Continue reading