Archive | March, 2009

House of Cards at South Mountain

Testing out a new camera angle. Still working on the shakes, but overall I love this perspective. I think I’ll try riding with my helmet pitched down so you can see the road ahead through my visor. Good demonstration that … Continue reading

Alaska: The Last Frontier

(Photo provided by GroudTruthTrekking) I’ve wanted to ride in Alaska ever since I heard it was possible to do so. I read Against the Wind by Ron Ayers. It never really clicked in my head that there are times of … Continue reading

The Route: Alaska to Argentina and Back

I’ve got maps stuck to the walls and country’s names floating around in my head. I’ve got to make sense of all this by making some preliminary route. This isn’t set in stone, but it’s a place to start. View … Continue reading

Worldwide Motorcycle Travel Preparation

My head spins when I try and comprehend all that goes into preparing for a trip around the world by motorcycle. There are so many facets like, picking the right bike, clothing, camping gear, health considerations, navigation, documenting the trip … Continue reading

Selling Your Car and Living On Two Wheels

I finally did it. After about a year of saying, “Yea I’ll sell it eventually” I’ve gone and actually done it. I sold off my car, and all that’s left is my motorcycle. No more car payments for a car … Continue reading