2009 Chicago Marathon Route

I apologize for the non-motorcycle content (I like to keep the blog focused), but once again I find that the organizers of a race with 30,000 participants can’t spend a half hour to put up the route in the best mapping site out there. So I poked around in Google Earth and plotted out the route. If you want to check it out in Google Earth yourself with 3D buildings and all, you can load the following KMZ file:

2009 Chicago Marathon Route

After finishing the half marathon here in Phoenix I decided to give a full marathon a try. The Chicago Marathon is October 11th, 2009. So that gives me 7 months to train. It will be tough, but I think within reach. I’m shooting for a 4 hour finish. Wish me luck!

Oh, and I’m thinking of ways to film it too…

  • lpotter86

    To film it just wear ur helmet and cam…lol. Good luck with the run.

  • http://www.qwerf.com Sven

    What’s the budget on the camera? If it’s a healthy one I have the perfect solution…

  • http://www.atlasrider.com Atlas


    I wasn’t planning on doing anything special. Basically I was going to wear something where I can store it around my waist, and then at various times throughout the run bust out the camera and shoot some video of anything interesting I see.

    I’m going to try and train with the camera so that I get used to having it on me. Bottom line, if the camera interferes with my running then I’m not going to bring it.

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