Archive | December, 2008

Valley of the Gods and My One Year Blogoversary!

Exploring some amazing scenery along a dirt road through the Valley of the Gods in Utah. I found out about this road reading Ara & Spirit’s blog at Thanks Ara! And it’s’s one year blogoversary, woo hoo! Seems … Continue reading

Atlas Rider Now In HD!

Not Harley Davidson. High Definition! YouTube made it possible to view videos in HD.. Since I dropped my camera on some highway in Utah I thought my new camera should take advantage of this. I bought the Sony Cybershot T500. … Continue reading

Don’t Call Me A Biker!

I really hate the term “biker”. It evokes so many negative connotations in my mind that I cringe whenever someone calls me one. Perhaps it is trivial and petty, but I feel like elaborating. First let me tell you the … Continue reading

Cold Monument Valley

Passing through Monument Valley. Temperatures were pretty chilly. Gave me an opportunity to test out my new Gerbing electrical heated jacket liner. I added a couple other pieces of cold weather gear that worked out nicely.

Utah Video Series

I take a trip up to Utah. I ride through Monument Valley, Gooseneck State Park, Valley of the Gods, Moki Dug Way, Muley Point, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Glen Canyon National Recreation area. Some cool videos coming up in … Continue reading