Archive | November, 2008

The KLR That Got Away

Every day I comb through the listings on Craigs List. If I’m going to get serious about riding around the world I should probably get a motorcycle I can do it on right? I came across a 2001 KLR650 with … Continue reading

Why I Record My Rides

One video of many while traveling through Mexico in May of 2008. Talking about a book I’m reading by Ted Simon called Jupiter’s Travels. He describes certain experiences that I have had as well. Why do I make these videos? … Continue reading

Upcoming Trip to Utah

View Larger Map Thanksgiving is coming up next week. So that means I get a long weekend to take another trip somewhere. Around this time last year you saw me travel through LA, the Pacific Coastal Highway, Google, San Francisco, … Continue reading

Building Your Mileage For Motorcycle Touring

This is a continuation of videos shot while I was in Mexico in June. Talking about all my previous trips in summary and how I built up my mileage over time.

PF Chang’s 2009/2010 Half Marathon Route

Update: The 2010 Route is identical to the 2009 route. I just registered for my first half marathon. On January 18th I’ll be running in the PF Chang’s Half Marathon. Whether it is cross country motorcycle trips, or what route … Continue reading