Archive | September, 2008

My Favorite Expressway Exit Ramp

Everyone has their favorite expressway ramp right? No? Oh…here’s mine. See it on Google Maps

What’s On My Coffee Table

It takes a really good book to capture my complete attention and actually read it cover to cover before picking up another book. I’m a bit of a scatter brain. To make matters worse I bought a couple more distractions: … Continue reading

Why You Should Play In Traffic

I think practicing motorcycle handling techniques should not be limited to an empty parking lot. Although practice should being, in a parking lot, it should be continued on the street in more realistic situations. What do you think?

A New Healthy Atlas

Sorry for the lack of activity. This video explains my absence for the past month. Been feeling very good lately. There has been a lot of changes in my behavior for the better.

Insane Temps, Personal Goals and Devil’s Highway

When the high temperature is 98F and you think to yourself, “Hey it’s a little cooler today” your brain has finally suffered heat damage. The weather has been wretched here in Phoenix. I still ride my motorcycle everywhere, with a … Continue reading