Archive | March, 2008

Two Years of Touring on Two

I spent a lot of time making this video. Not just filming it but actually putting it together. I left out a lot footage. There is a lot more that can be said for my travels over the past two … Continue reading

AGATT: All Gear All the Time

Today I got a compliment that I don’t receive very often. I pulled up to the drive through of a fast food place. After wiggling out of my gauntlet gloves to get at my wallet the window attendant gave me … Continue reading

Tire Repair Kit

I’ve finally faced the fact that some day, I’m going to get a flat in the worst place imaginable. Up until now I assumed that I would have cell phone reception or I could flag someone down for help. It … Continue reading

Radiocycle Begat Mexicycle

Plans fell through for a friend of mine to come visit me in May, which sucks but fortunately it’s because of a job prospect, so I’m happy for him. I already notified work about the vacation time, but it can … Continue reading

Warmer Weather and Motorcycle Awareness

I check back on the weather back home in Chicago and I see the temps warming up which means motorcyclists are going to be back on the road soon. The MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) published a list of things drivers … Continue reading