Archive | February, 2008

Motorcycle Camera Mount

This sounds like just another way to mount a camera to your motorcycle but this method has a twist. I wanted to find a way in which I can take my camera and take pictures with a portion of my … Continue reading

Present Tense

I was looking through some photos from my cross country trip and I stumbled upon this one that went unnoticed. I was trying to get the reflection of the mountains, but I inadvertently captured this, tarmac timeline that I can’t … Continue reading

Ninja 650r Hits 30,000 Miles

My Camera Setup

I always get a lot of questions about how I take videos, so I’m taking the time to spell out the system I use. There are four different components that come together that allow me to document my travels through … Continue reading

Indoor Inspiration

I’m finally getting to decorate my apartment after six months. The bare white walls were feeling like an institution. So, what better to spruce up the place than a picture of my favorite road along the coast of California. I’ve … Continue reading