Archive | January, 2008

Motorcycling Addiction Syndrome

I recently came across this amusing article at Brain Bucket Magazine, and wanted to share my answers to the following questions that may indicate you have MAS (Motorcycling Addiction Syndrome). I have gone riding when I was depressed, or to … Continue reading

The 751

I recently came across a this site called The 751 from an blog entry on KillBoy’s blog. Dave Karlotski describes his motorcycle journey in ways I wish I could. Some interesting stories and good writing. Here is an excerpt from … Continue reading

Stealth Camping

I had my first experience “stealth camping” last month during my trip through California. Stealth camping is camping on land not designated as a campsite, especially on land not used for habitation, agriculture etc. I found a desolate road off … Continue reading

Touring Checklist

Whenever I am packing for a big trip I always use a list to check off that I have everything I need. I may not need all of the things listed, but it is helpful to scan the list and … Continue reading

Meteor Crater Detour Video Series

I have accounts on YouTube and where I publish videos of my rides. This is a series of short videos I shot while trying to take a trip to Meteor Crater here in Arizona. The route I had planned … Continue reading