Archive | September, 2007

XCountry Trip – Day 3: Saskatchewan, “Land of the Living Skies”

The skies in Saskatchewan were amazing and kept me entertained amongst the flat and boring more… landscape. At least three distinct layers of clouds had formed and beams of light scattered throughout the countryside. I understand why they call this … Continue reading

XCountry Trip – Google Earth Flyby

I always create a route of my trips in Google Earth. So I tried capturing the flybys of each major destination that I stopped at. My computer isn’t that fast so it isn’t too smooth. You can download the original … Continue reading

XCountry Trip: Day 3 – Chain Problems in Canada

I have some chain problems. Just talking about what happened and how I got it fixed.

XCountry Trip: Day 2 – Crossing the Canadian Border

I get the third degree when trying to get into Canada and then I talk about the metric system. XCountry Trip: Day 2 – Crossing the Canadian Border

XCountry VLog Series: Day 2 – Dumbass Weather Theory and My Next Bike Purchase

I am still in Minnesota just rambling along. I am trying to figure out which way the winds are more… blowing so I know if I am riding into a storm up ahead. I try and determine if the Earth’s … Continue reading