How to be Alone

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I listen to this video on an almost daily basis. I’ve been alone for a large portion of my adolescence, young adulthood and of course this journey. At times I was in a dark place by myself, but the majority of my solitude was good. It made me the person I am today.

An border official at the Guatamala border asks if I am traveling by myself, and I nod. He concludes, “Ah, couldn’t find anyone to go with you.” but I correct him and say, “I wasn’t looking.”

The video gives you a taste of why I chose to go alone, and why alone is ok. A group of people, they are self sufficient and in an invisible and impenetrable social bubble. But a single person is open to interaction, and friendly and helping hands come more frequently than you except it.

What I think the main deterrant to being alone is a game people play. It’s the “What If” game. “What if someone wants to do harm to me?” “What if I need help?” “What if I get hurt?” and so on. Stop playing, and the endless possibilities open up, and your inhibitions lessens.

Wreckless behavior some might say. Listen to your intution. You may not have it yet, but you’ll develop it. I have, and I used to have absolutely none. I’d look to a guide book before going to a destination, ceasely search for an internet cafe to find the “right” hostel. Now I wander, and see what happens and my intuition rarely fails me.

In short, remove your distractions (cell phone) and take a walk with yourself more often. You can surround yourself with people when you need it.

The following thing I am going to say will probably look trite, simple or cliche. It will become more meaningful to you when start.

*scroll down*

Stop doing, start being.
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  • matthewdavidLPCC

    Bravo. Sweet video. It, and yours, something akin to the archetypal Hero’s Journey. Also, if you haven’t already, google “tiny house movement” for more ideas on small homes. Great ideas, and even lower costs possible than the container home, if you DIY.
    Ride on!

  • Jason

    Quite the inspiring video. I’ve been following your journey and started watching your site frequently ever since I picked up my 650R about a year ago.

    I tend to be more of a loner as well so I loved the video! Thank you for the share and ride on!

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